Preparing for Superior Accreditation, Master of Accounting and D3 Accounting Study Program FEB UTM Benchmarking to FEB Jember University, Padang State University, Airlangga University

Wednesday, 18 October 2023, the Accounting Department, FEB UTM, shared hearing with FEB Unej, especially on the aspect of quality assurance at the faculty, department and study program level. Benchmarking was attended by FEB Unej leaders including the Dean, Deputy Dean 1, Chair of the Quality Assurance Group and Chair of the Accounting Department. Benchmarking was opened with remarks by the Dean and Deputy Dean 1 FEB Unej and continued with a sharing session. The discussion focuses on quality assurance in the accounting department of FEB Unej, especially in the PPEPP cycle (Determination, Implementation, Evaluation, Control and Improvement).