Job Description and Functions

At the Accounting Study Program level, the job description and function of implementing authority are explained as follows:

Head of the Accounting Study Program

The Chair of the FEB UTM Accounting Study Program is a leadership element at the operational level of the study program who is under the faculty and is responsible to the Dean of FEB UTM. The duties of the Head of the FEB UTM Accounting Study Program include:

  • Determine the implementation strategy for Higher Education Tridharma programs and activities under the coordination of the Dean;
  • Implement educational and teaching policies, research and community service in accordance with educational programs and legislation.
  • Implementing, facilitating and monitoring the education and teaching process by lecturers based on the curriculum;
  • Synergize efforts to develop scientific and learning substances;
  • Prepare a self-evaluation of the study program in the study program environment.
  • Assisting in the implementation of resource sharing programs in terms of educational facilities and infrastructure and human resources (HR);
  • Facilitate the growth and development of organizational culture and professionalism in every aspect of study program organizational life;
  • Make planning and budgeting for programs and study program activities by listening to input from lecturers.
  • Control the design and use of operational funds and prepare financial reports every year;
  • Providing an assessment of the performance of lecturers in implementing the Tridharma of Higher Education;
  • Carry out evaluation and curriculum development to ensure the quality of learning;
  • Develop training and development programs for teaching staff and technicians.

Quality Assurance Team (JAMU) FEB UTM and JAMU Accounting Study Program

The academic quality assurance team is part of the responsibility of educational institution managers in order to maintain the quality of implementation. The quality assurance system must be able to ensure that graduates have the competencies specified in the study program specifications. The research produced must also be in accordance with developments in science and technology as well as the needs of society in the scientific field.

The academic quality assurance system at UTM is institutionally formed in stages starting from the university, faculty to study program levels. At the level of study program implementation, the first partners to intensively engage with are the FEB UTM Quality Assurance Team (Jamu) and the Study Program Quality Assurance Team. The existence of the JAMU Faculty Team and JAMU Accounting Study Program was formed to assist faculties and study programs in:

  • Ensure compliance in the implementation of functions and authority with academic policies, academic standards, academic regulations and academic quality manuals.
  • Ensure that each student has a learning experience in accordance with the study program specifications.
  • Ensure that graduates have competencies in accordance with those specified in each department/study program.
  • Evaluate and provide input regarding the curriculum according to empirical developments.
  • JAMU Study Program is specifically responsible for carrying out academic evaluations such as evaluation of the teaching and learning process, evaluation of Semester Learning Plans, evaluation of question quality, and semester internal quality audits.

Academic Administration Staff or Education Personnel

Academic Administration Staff or Education Personnel duties include:

  • Organizing academic and student affairs administration that can support the smooth running of educational and teaching activities, mid and final semester exams, evaluation of student study success, issuance of semester study results cards, etc.
  • Carry out other administration (non-financial) such as writing correspondence, documenting incoming and outgoing letters, and controlling office supplies and equipment.
  • Communicate duties and responsibilities to the Chair and/or Secretary of the study program
  • Carry out other tasks assigned by superiors in the administrative sector.


Lecturers in the FEB UTM Accounting Study Program have duties including:

  • Implementing the Tridharma of Higher Education, namely education and teaching, research and community service under the coordination of the Head of the Accounting Study Program.
  • Carrying out educational and teaching processes based on the curriculum.
    Synergize efforts to develop scientific and learning substances.
  • Prepare lecturer performance and workload reports every semester.
  • Providing academic and non-academic guidance.
  • Active in scientific and professional activities both on and off campus.
    Participate in professional associations in the field of accounting.